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An architect-artist-sculptor, Aparna comes with rich  experience in interior design and Architecture. She holds a bachelors design degree from TCE – Anna university. She’s meticulous with quality of finishes and has learnt the hard way to extract it from the Indian task force.


Aparna has more than 10 years of experience in the field of design, mixing both interiors and architecture disciplines. Before moving to Bangalore 3 years ago and committing full time to Pranav mantraa, she was handling private projects along with Abinaya in Madurai. Aparna has been a part of Pranav mantraa almost since its inception. She currently heads it’s design team in Bangalore.

“Throughout my career I was exposed to a number of projects and this has given me the knowledge and confidence to work on any given project”

She adds that sometimes her job demands to wear a cap of a project manager and sometimes the cap of a designer, though she enjoys designing the most. She graduated her bachelors in Architecture from the Department of architecture in TCE Madurai, 2007. Aparna insists that education has not just stopped for her either and she is constantly working on improving her ideas, working with people as a part of her own personal education. Her internship at with Ar.Cheralathan brought out the artist in her and helped greatly to improve her sketching abilities. Her noted skills include her eye for detail, consistency in design and efficiency in management.

“We want to grow the residential division. Homes are crucial for us because we truly want to make difference in people’s lives. We believe that a good design can transform people’s lives. A well designed home can transform a person’s experiences from being stressful to something that is calming”

She has travelled across India and experienced different cultures. Her knowledge in Pranic healing has trained her to be sensitive to stubble chi energies around. Her commitment to design and passion for Architecture drives her to strike the perfect work-life balance. Apart from Architecture, her skills include, origami, painting, craft, miniatures creation and cooking.