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Architecture and Interior design at Pranavmantraa

At Pranav Mantraa we CREATE. We are a team of young architects, engineers, project managers and artists, working towards creating aesthetic and utilitarian spaces. With a collective experience of over 100 years, we are one of the swiftly emerging design firms in South India.
“It’s not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works” – Steve Jobs.
We strongly believe that an ideal space is the one which looks, feels and WORKS well. If this sounds like your dream project, we are just a phone call/e-mail away! Let’s get started!

Our Team

Interior Designers & Architects at Pranav Mantraa


Head of Design/ Director

Abinaya is an Architect and visionary. A talented Artist who heads the design team in Chennai. Her focus lies on delivering quality designs and energetically clean space.


Project Manager

Rashik is a graduate of civil engineering. He is an extremely creative person, who loves to sketch and design. His passion for creative design and attention to details, has made him and integral part of Pranav mantraa.


Interior Designer

Sathya is a passionate designer with over a year experience in the field of interior designing. Most of her works are inspired by nature, she has the artistic ability to see familiar things in a new light. She appreciates the unique privilege of seeing her work come to life.



Vidhya shows her interest in creating innovative and comfortable spaces.she creates her designs with simplicity and elegance.



Tejasvi is an ambitious young artist who has more than a year experience in the field of architecture . She is a proactive planner who sees design as the perfect combination of art and science, and she sincerely believes in design’s ability to positively affect health and happiness.



Hari is a graduate of architecture having more than a year experience in the field of design and architecture, Hari is a unique conceptual designer and an all-in creative spirit who enjoys bringing design visions to life and building client relationships.


3D Architectural Visualizer

Balaji is a highly sofisticated 3D Architectural Visualizer who has 8 years of professional experience. His credibility encompasses everything from basic sketches to more intricate 3D renderings and interactive virtual tours. He is a team player , Inspired by the vision of the firm ,he strives towards it and feels at home with our potential team!


Civil Engineer

Vignesh is a graduate of civil engineering who has been with Pranav mantraa since its initiation. He is been a part of many important projects in pranav mantraa. His dedication in work, and taking ownership in things that he does, makes him a great team player.



A Prolific architect and interior designer, Pooja comes with over 10 years of experience in interior design and Architecture. She is a licensed Architect and a member of council of architecture(COA). She’s meticulous with Design, Development and Detailing.



Senior Artist

Pughazenthi is an ingenious artist who holds a Masters degree in fine arts (sculptures) and is currently pursuing his PhD in the same field. Some of his art works include sculptures, paintings, fiber models which are absolutely  radiant and aesthetically pleasing.


Web Designer

Yoga is an information technologist who is currently working on the design and maintenance of the Pranavmantraa website as well as social media content.


Architectural Intern

Swetha is pursuing her graduation in architecture, she believes in simple techniques and utilising readily available materials in her design.
She is known for bringing out more than the expected results.


Architectural Intern

Anto is very observant and straight forward person. Architecture has given him a chance to pursue a field which is more than buildings but to explore, learn and improve his ownself.


Architectural Intern

Apoorva is a vivid student, who illustrates her design ideas by sketching. She believes that drawing/planning in situ is the authentic form of designing.
Her examplary interaction with the clients makes her a valuable asset to the team.


Architectural Intern

Neeraj is a self-motivated person who has the capacity to create more innovative designs  and  wants to inspire everyone.


Architectural Intern

Nayanji is a growing ambitious architect. She is more into minimalistic and funtionally efficient designs to improve the
lifestyle and creating a better environment.


Architectural Intern

Yashwanth is a cheerful young person. He is open to learning and takes up challenging projects with dedication. He does conceptual design balancing both asthetically and functionally.


Architectural intern

Muthu kumaran is a Positive individual  who is a budding Architect. He belives in dedication, hard work and his eagerness to learn makes him a valuable asset to the team.


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