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Abinaya is an Architect and a talented artist with over 10 years of experience in design.  Key person who created pranav mantraa, following her passion for design. She who heads the design team in Chennai .


Abinaya is an Architect/artist with over 10years of experience in design. Abinaya founded Pranav mantra along with Dinesh in 2016. She graduated in architecture from the Thiagarajar College of engineering in 2007. Since her graduation her focus has been on design and she has worked with eminent architects in Madurai and Chennai.  She worked alongside Aparna, on numerous residential projects in Madurai before she moved to Chennai to establish Pranav mantra.

“We started so small and we all knew each other well. Dinesh and I have been mates in college; worked together for more than 10 years.”

Remembering the initial hurdles establishing the company, she says that it was an important decision, which has transformed her perspective on the design industry.

“When we set up the business the questions we were asked were,

How many staffs do you have?

Can you show your past projects?

Where is your office?

What projects you have done in this region?

Which are quite difficult to answer when starting a business from scratch? Now we don’t have that challenge at all. We have established ourselves in the market very well.”

Abinaya leads the design team in Chennai for Pranav mantra. She has trained several trainee architects during her tenure. Having travelled widely, she has flair towards climate oriented design. She has also done specialized courses on pranic fengshui and pranic healing. According to her any space can be designed to be energetically clean by using the right orientations and, by guiding the stubble energies following feng-shui.

“feng shui can help you bring abundance in your life.  Space you live and the key directions that you face, have energies associated with it.  Your accomplishments, health, wealth etc are reinforced by feng shui tailored for your space…”

Her key skills include sketching, rendering using colour pencils and detailing drawings. She is very regular with her meditations and spiritual practice. She idolizes music director AR Rahman as her creative guru. During her free time she enjoys coloring and sketching.